About Us

Little Tinkers preschool is dedicated in providing a balanced approach to learning for every child. Our preschool practitioners provide a nurturing and caring place for early childhood education. By playing, exploring and learning through hands-on experiences and engaging classroom activities with others in a fun, safe and healthy environment, every child will be successful and be school ready.

We provide a balanced approach to learning so that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow. Our goal at Little Tinkers preschool is to provide a curriculum that focuses on every child’s social-emotional development, cognitive development, oral language and vocabulary, physical development and creating a life-long love for learning and strong self-esteem.

Little Tinkers preschool’s follows a central theme for each month, which introduces the children to new topics and teaches them about the world around them. Every morning starts with a morning key group time that greets the children and introduces them to the activities for the day. Our preschool practitioners then support and offer guidance when necessary to the children throughout the day, whilst the children explore and investigate through fun activities such as creating art, making music, reading together and outdoor activities. Children are always encouraged to learn through hands-on experiences of their choice and meet their individual interests.

Little Tinkers preschools curriculum incorporates the most current research on child development that celebrates early learners and prepares children for success in school and life!
To ensure a quality and enriching learning experience for every child we offer:

  • Whole Group, Circle Time and Story Time sessions this introduces the children to new vocabulary, concepts and skills
    Meaning conversations – Building oral language and development.
  • A wide range of Children’s literature – providing the children with a wide variety of books to build on their knowledge and understanding of the world, communication and language development, and life experiences.
  • A range of technology resources– to build on their exploration and investigation of different ICT resources for example laptop, torches, microphones etc.
  • Focused key group activities- PALS( Play and learning social skills), Write dance, Hopla.
  • Every child is a talker (ECAT)- we strongly emphasise on being a every child is a talker centre using a wide range of resources and equipment in promoting communication and language, with the use of visual aids to support children with additional needs for example English as a second language, speech delay.
  • Ferre Laevers-we are focused on supporting children with their involvement and well-being throughout the session whilst the children are exploring and investigating.

Each room and the outdoor learning environment will be centred around the theme for the month and will encourage learning through hands-on experiences. Here are some examples of the areas the children can explore:

  • Physical area- activities to promote gross and fine motor skills ranging from construction activities to climbing and riding.
  • Messy area- provides the opportunity to explore with paint, glue, glooping, junk modelling, playdough etc.
  • Role play area- to build knowledge and understanding of life experiences for example doctors, dentists, vets, fire station.
  • book area- we provide the children with a range of ways to enjoy stories with the use of puppets, audio CDs, role playing etc.
  • home corner- further supports their understanding and provides the children the opportunity to role play of everyday life in the home.




Session fees and Times
We are open during school term time .

Early risers: 8.30am-9am
only at Holne Chase & Charles Warren sites @£3 per session.

Morning session:
9am-12 noon
Afternoon session:
All day:9am-3pm (this is counted as 2 sessions)


£16.50 per non funded session
(for all ages)

We accept 2 year old funded and 3-4 year old, 30 hour funded children, as well as non funded children.

There is no additional charge for children who stay all day for lunch although parents must provide their child with a healthy packed lunch.